Gold Prospecting and a Good Plan

Gold nugget found with Minelab SD2100

Its the old saying come true…people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. The picture of my buddy at the left is the exact opposite of this saying. He had a plan, knowledge of the area and determination…add to that some hard earned skill and a bit of luck and you have the recipe for success.

Lets go back a little, the whole story not only involves my buddy and I but a few other friends who for the exact same reasons found their own success on this camp out and hunt.

My buddy’s plan was well thought out and executed. We had found gold in this area here and there and then, there was that middle section…? If the area had gold in the north drainage and the south at both ends it must obviously have gold in the middle. And there is no better way to find out that cherry picking the inside bends, benches and wash guts. Educated gambling. Notice the rare and unusual ribbon gold nugget he found below at right!

Cerbat Mountains Gold

My plan was a bit different but never the less successful. We had dry washed a nearby area with much success last year and it was time to give it a go again. I carefully selected an area based on slope, the amount of heavies present, flood flow guestimation and bedrock cracks.

I got the vacuum setup and began scraping and digging, slowly and methodically cleaning out the bedrock. After a few buckets were ready it was time to fire up the dry washer and process down to concentrates. After several rounds of this process I had enough for a good clean up.

Gold Prospecting vacuum

Remember we were not randomly hoping for gold success, this was carefully planned. Of course even if gold was not found we still would have had an excellent time but its always good to taste the icing on the cake, especially when success is shared amongst friends.

A few of our other friends had a different plan altogether. They knew about some old workings in another area nearby and set out on a nice hike, really just a short stretch of the legs in the beautiful mountains. After they arrived with their Fisher Gold Bug 2 their plan for success was put into action. Work the old area slowly and throughly…the results? A nice handful of small gold nuggets as seen below.

Scorpion found with a black light

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Gold Nuggets

Placer Gold found by vacuum and dry washer

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