A Story of Gold and Beer

Gold and Beer Gold and Beer

Gold and Beer

Can you imagine…the day gold was found at Sutter’s Creek was the same day canned beer went on sale, Jan. 24. What are the odds? Gold and beer both helped settle the American West and remain a staple of our culture today.

Gold was found by a millwright named James Marshall on January 24th, 1848. Sutter’s Creek is a tributary to the South Fork of the American River in the Sacramento, the creek was known as the “jewel of the motherlode”. This is one of the primary sparks of the American expansion westward and more importantly helped pave the way for a entire lifestyle, the American Prospector and Miner.

The Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company was the first company to put canned beer on sale on January 24th, 1935. I’ll have to guess although this happened in Richmond, Virginia there was a gold miner present. Had to be! Today canned beer sells in the billions.

When do gold and beer mix?

  • Prospecting Trips
  • Weddings
  • At home going through your concentrates
  • Reading the gold forums
  • Around the campfire

I could go on but I’ll leave that to your imagination. So pop open a cold one, grab a nugget and smile. After all its as American as Apple Pie.

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