Missing Lost Dutchman Gold Mine Seekers Possibly Found

Missing Lost Dutchman Gold Mine Missing Lost Dutchman Gold Mine

Missing Lost Dutchman Gold Mine

Today the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office recovered two bodies from the Superstition Mountains which may be part of a small group that went missing in the area last summer. Logical examination of the facts has suggested with a high probability that the fabled mine never in fact existed.

Reports state that Curtis Merworth, 49, Ardean Charles, 66, and Malcolm Meeks, 41 were ill prepared for their expedition in the 100 degree plus conditions of the Arizona desert. Their car was located however, no confirming trace of the men has been found.

The Lost Dutchman, Jacob Waltz worked for and was accused of stealing gold ore from the Vulture Gold Mine near Wickenburg, Arizona prior to his miraculous discovery. Combine this with reports that ore from both the Vulture and Waltz’s supposed mine were found to be very similar and you have a very realistic probability that the mine never actually existed. The more likely scenario, given human nature is that Waltz had stashed some high grade ore, was recovering it and then claiming a new discovery. The legend sells a lot of books but the facts of Waltz’s life don’t necessarily support his claims.

We sincerely hope the families of the lost men finally receive closure to this tragic event. As always, be careful out there.

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