Tips That Will Help You Find More Gold Nuggets in 2011

Increased Gold Recovery Increased Gold Recovery

Increased Gold Recovery

We all want to find more gold, the good news is all of us can. Here are some of my top tips to help you find more gold on your mining and prospecting adventures in 2011.

1) Get out more – I’ve never found any gold sitting around the house day dreaming. So get off your butt and commit to spending more time in the gold fields this year.

2) Make the best use of your time – Spend less time talking and more time looking. Too many people just run their mouth when they are out looking suppoedly looking for gold. If one of your partners is from the Talksalotta family help them out. Let them know you’re taking a new approach to your time management and will gladly BS with them around the campfire later. Once they see your gold intake increase they’ll likely shut up and start digging.

3) Keep your equipment in top shape – Make sure the tools you need are ready to go.

4) Change your old habits - Albert Einstein once said “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. If you done the same thing year after year with no increase in gold recovery, maybe its time for change in habits.

5) Eat right - You’ll preform better and think clearer with the right foods in your belly. I like bananas and V8 while out in the gold fields when camping for breakfast, MOJO bars, Gatorade and beef jerky for the afternoon non over sugar energy and salt replenishment and a full meal at night. Eat light and move more, find more gold.

6) Research – Knowledge is power. Dive into the huge amounts of free data at your fingertips and beef up your game.

7) Try different recovery methods – Don’t just stick with one form of gold recovery. If you mainly detect sample for fine and lode gold as you return to the truck after a days hunt. If you pan, consider a dry washer or detector. Shake it up a bit, reinvest your gold into better equipment and see what you’ve been missing.

8) Travel lighter – You hike farther and have more energy when you lighten your load. Think about everything in your backpack or hydro pack and how many times you’ve used each item in the last 10 trips. Lighten up, go longer and get more gold.

We could add more but the idea is to get the gears turning. As always, all the best and good luck in your hunt for the gold.

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