True Gold

True Gold True Gold

True Gold

What makes the absolute best online resource for mining, prospecting and research? The answer is simple, our members, our true gold. Our online forum has over 2000 active members and grows each day.

A while back I took a look at our member base, which at the time was much larger and weeded out all the spammed accounts. The good news is we have never had a spammer problem and remain committed to our members online safety. Forum administrators need to do this often, as well as ensuring the latest version of forum software is being used.

In a nutshell all forums are database driven. Members names, email addresses and passwords are stored there. Often people use the same password for multiple websites, including their financial institutions. If the forum is not kept up to date members personal data is at risk. And in the age of identity theft this should be a major concern for everyone. We have always, and remain committed to upgrading to the newest version of software within 72 hours of release. Which you’ll see by looking around is the fastest roll out any gold forum does hands down. Not keeping software up to date also exposes visitors and members to malicious online attacks, even from just browsing.

So when it’s time to join a site rest assured that we’ve got your back. You’ll also find that our site and forum members are the most friendly, knowledgeable and honest when it comes to gold mining and prospecting be it detecting, panning, dry washing, dredging or even hard rock. In addition to all that we offer great free research tools such as the Prospectors Power Pack and multiple online mining data repositories and databases you wont find anywhere else.

We welcome new members and look forward to seeing you online. As always, Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

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  1. I need to find some gold

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