Why Crumb Snatching Never Works in the Hunt for Gold

Gold Miners Cookies Gold Miners Cookies

Gold Miners Cookies

Its true, there are a lot of prospectors and miners out there who lack any creativity other than being crumb snatchers.

Crumb Snatching is a lot of things

  • Going out right to the border of someone’s claim hoping to get lucky
  • Seeing a gold post on the internet and spending time trying to figure out just where the location is
  • Following another person around

And this is just the short list. With the price of gold can you blame people? One thing is for sure crumb snatchers get crumbs. The people they follow get the good gold. Sure everyone misses a good one now and then but if you want real success you have to do your own exploring.

Driving around all day trying in vain to find someone prospecting is a huge waste of time. If that same time would have been invested in gold recovery or exploration the results could be amazing. Maybe its part of the newbie learning curve? Or greed?

Experienced gold hunters know how to leave the best false bread crumb trail and will have you pouring over maps and following tire tracks that lead no where. And if you get somewhere, where someone who knows what they are doing is, you’ll likely only find crumbs. But we can’t expect much from Gingerbread Men anyway.

Besides, in the end you have to ask yourself one question, do ya feel lucky? If you do get out and explore don’t waste time. As for me, I like my basket of gold cookies and realize that although the skunk is ever present in the hunt for new spots, once you find the recipe of success you’ll get a taste for it and forget the crumbs.

As always, Happy Hunting and Good Luck!

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