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  1. I’m interested in small scale mining. I would not only like to invest in an ongoing operation but I would like to get my hands dirty once in a while and learn the trade. Do you guys have anything available that would work?

    • Hi Matt

      I’m confused, thought you ran Hansen Mining & Exploration in Utah?

      Good Luck


    • Sir, we have 2 placer claims with lots of fine and flake gold in our many dry creeks. We have spend 3 weeks testing the claims and have found some form of gold in every pan. Our site is fed by a multi-billion dollar site next door. We seek additional funding to take it into production. The site next door has over $1B in ground and we project we will be near that value. Currently waiting on assay from lab and should have it in days. We have seen geologist reports for next door, but we lack funding to get our own report right now. Our gold so far is fine or flake and we do not have funding or a place to leach out the metals. We are turning to your Arizona members for any support they wish to offer. Please contact us if interested.

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