What's a Sluice?

What's a Sluice?

A gold prospecting sluice is a type of mining equipment that is used to separate gold from other materials using the principles of gravity. It typically consists of a long, narrow box or trough with a series of adjustable gates or barriers along its length. The sluice is placed in a stream or river and water is allowed to flow through it. The gold-bearing material is placed in the sluice and the water carries it through the various barriers, where the gold is separated from the other materials.

The first step in using a gold prospecting sluice is to find a suitable location. This typically involves looking for an area where there is a lot of water, such as a stream or river, and where there is evidence of gold-bearing materials, such as rocks and sand. Once a suitable location has been found, the sluice can be set up.

To set up a gold prospecting sluice, the first step is to place it in the water. The sluice should be positioned so that the water flows through it at a steady rate and the gold-bearing material can be easily placed in the top of the sluice. The sluice should be anchored in place so that it doesn't move or shift when water is flowing through it.

The wash material can be a mixture of rocks, sand, and other materials that are known to contain gold. The water will then carry the material through the sluice, where the gold will be separated from the other materials.

As the material passes through the sluice, the gold will be separated from the other materials by the matting and riffles. The matting and riffles are designed to allow the lighter, non-gold materials to pass through easily, while slowing down and trapping the heavier gold particles. As the water flows through the sluice, the gold particles will be trapped behind the gates or barriers and will settle to the bottom of the sluice.

Once the material has passed through the sluice, the gold can be collected from the bottom of the sluice. This is typically done by carefully removing the gates or barriers and scooping the gold out with a pan or other tool. The collected gold can then be washed, weighed, and analyzed to determine its value. Be sure to read How to Get Started for more information.